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   "FRAUD WARNINGS": "Fraud is up & rising":

  • "Real Estate Fraud Alert";

  • "Mortgage & Lender Fraud Alert";

  • "Title Insurance Fraud Alert";

  • "County Recorder Fraud Alert";

  • "Legal System Fraud Alert";

  • Above elements work in conjunction, either hand-in-hand, or loosely/passively, together to defraud you as buyers in the the pursuit of:

  • preventing you from discovering how you were defrauded;

  • discouraging your pursuit of your damages, by defrauding you further, by costing you money without delivering results;

  • bribing your lawyer, and/or your court, to buy court-decisions against you;

  • ALL THE ABOVE HAPPENED TO ME, as partially detailed in these appellate documents: 7-17-19 COMBINED PEIMANI WRIT + APPEAL Binder-  which includes names of the gangster lawyers, and of public officials, whom I believe conspired in the frauds; 

  • The criminal activities went as far as gangster lawyers bribing O.C.Courts to buy fraudulent orders, and further bribing Orange County Sheriffs to shoot & kill me because they could NOT foreclose, due to the inception forgeries of documents by their criminal clients, including First-Team-Real-Estate, Fidelity-Title/Commonwealth-Title, and Wells-Fargo-Drug-Cartel;

  • The above-mentioned proven forgeries, and their underlying crimes, had rendered all their documents, and claims, void, due to their inception-forgeries;

  • The criminal elements, listed above, do NOT fall short of any crimes to reach their criminal ends, and you may be their next victim;

PLUS MORE: As an innocent buyer you have been, or will be, cheated in a real-estate or related transactions. For a small fee we guarantee to find such fraud/s in your transaction documents, and/or process. You will be refunded if we don't identify fraud (cheat). Also: Finding fraud in a completed deal helps you decide to sue fraudsters. However, before you decide to hire a lawyer, we suggest you study these free books, written by "Judge Dale Chase" (retired):

"THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE SECRETS OF AMERICA" [Political history of government and law]

And, by a former Yale law professor:




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"Avoid California Fraud"  with potential savings of escrow & title insurance fees ("Institutional-Lending & Title-Insurance, are organized crimes"):::

Institutional-Lenders do NOT lend any money, and Title-Insurer do NOT insure anything!!! Their principle function is defrauding purchasers to the fullest!!! Title-Insurers forge documents, and record the forged papers, in order to expedite the theft, and laundering, of real-estate, at a later date!!! Fidelity-Title, which purportedly insures over 80% of all USA realty, invented institutional forgery (Robo-Signing), and facilitated the fraudulent foreclosures, the theft, and the laundering, of 20 million pieces of realty between 2008-2013. Google:: ("Fidelity Forgery Convictions in: FLORIDA; MISSOURI")

("Wells-Fargo-Forgery-Manual")::  !

Fidelity's probable assassination of "Fidelity-whistle-blower, Tracy Lawrence", 43, one or their robo-signers (institutional-forgers) who was about to testify against two Fidelity Title Officers of ASAP/LPS, of Irvine, Ca. (Appendix H).

Fidelity lawyers bribed Nevada Attorney General $5,000,000 to drop the murder investigation, plus all forgery cases against Fidelity-Criminal-Enterprise, which includes many title companies. The above featured fidelity criminals pretend they insure your real-estate's title!!




Have you been water-gated (i.e.: defrauded) in buying a home, or commercial realty, at an inflated price, and it is now "Underwater" (i.e.: with negative equity)? I may be able to alleviate your problem/s.   Either way:


You are on the right page: 

I know Southern California too well and can prevent potential clients from falling victims to multiplicity of real-estate and lending frauds inflicting the U.S.A. since the past decade. Real estate frauds of the past decade resulted in baseless inflation of realty prices and the ongoing U.S. economic meltdown, with no end in sight. Over 20,000,000 homes (1/3 rd of all USA housing) were fraudulently foreclosed during the past ten years in fraudulent foreclosures, by the "USA-Foreclosure-Crimes-Industry", in full conspiracy with local, state, and federal, government entities.

One proof to the accuracy of my knowledge regarding the U.S. housing market is my 2004 civil lawsuit # 04CC11080 in which I disclosed with precision the nature of the fraudulent real-estate and lending practices of the past decade and how it would lead to an all-out economic meltdown in 2007 and beyond.

 Real-estate problems arise from real-estate frauds committed by real-estate professionals' non-disclosure of material facts which I do my best to disclose.  

If you are a non-American (a/k/a: "a foreigner"), or even if you are an American, but a newcomer to this area, you are a prime target for the thousands of fraudulent individuals who helped create the current economic nightmare by preying on innocent buyers like you, usually by obtaining a few signatures and forging many more all the way to the bank, which exactly happened to myself in 2002 as "a foreigner", and as a newcomer to Orange County, California (a/k/a: World Capital of Fraud).

As an actual victim to countless frauds and forgeries, I investigated the details and methods  with which fraudulent real-estate professionals (mostly Realtors), lenders, and title-officers, conspired and fabricated:  various documents; property appraisals & values; escrow documents; loan documents; title insurance policies; or anything they needed (i.e.: by Robo-Signing). They do all that for the primary purpose of stealing, and laundering, money and real-estate, under the disguise of real-estate and mortgage transactions, and without giving anything of value to victimized buyers. 

Because real estate can't be stolen by physical removal, such as a car-jack, it is stolen, and laundered, through forgeries of documents, by real estate professionals including title, escrow, and lending entities, as in my case above. Thus, I invented the term "REAL-ESTATE LAUNDERING" as the best depiction of real-estate theft, committed by paper only. County recorders offices, such as the ones of Orange County, and San Bernardino County, are two  major hubs of these criminal real-estate laundering operations. As a buyer, you may also be victimized by these public entities, who work hand in hand with organized white-collar crimes. See: Orange County Recorder is Hub of Counterfeit Crimes.

 If you intend to buy, and specially if you are an area newcomer, allow me to prove to you that I am the ultimate resource to provide you satisfaction in your real estate purchase and contact me  because: I DISCLOSE WHAT OTHERS CONCEAL.

In the past fourteen years, as a result of undertaking my own investigations, and litigation, I have become more proficient in real-estate and related laws, than most "real-estate attorneys". A glance at a few of my personally prepared court documents in this LITIGATION PAGE  is proof to that claim.

Among the things I have learned during litigation is that courts, and "law-enforcement" protect institutionalized organized white-collar crimes and criminals who contemplate:  forgeries (eg: Robo-Singing); real estate theft; and real estate laundering, when such crimes are committed by large entities, or for their benefits.  Further, I have learned that neither courts, nor law-enforcement, care about individuals, or even the millions of individual victims of such crimes, especially if they are labeled "foreigners". This fact has also been proven by the absence of conviction of criminals  in this country's largest ever financial meltdown, which began in 2007, and will continue for a very long time.

I have first hand  personal experience that Orange County lawyers, courts, and law-enforcement, are especially prejudiced against white-collar crime victims whom they could label as "foreigners", mainly because of the publicly embedded attitude that "foreigners" must always fall victim to America, probably because Americans have "unknowingly" become addicted to being subsidized by foreigners since 1945 by paying USA-counterfeit-dollars in exchange for imported products & raw-materials, as I documented in the U.S. Supreme Court. 

 I have documented this prejudice beginning with Orange County public entities, and all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This country has become addicted to unlimited counterfeiting of money with the abuse of hyper-inflated real estate, under the false pretext of collateral which has been sold hundreds of times over. See COUNTERFEIT MECHANICS

I have learned the hard way that in the U.S. once you are defrauded by a well-known entity you have no reasonable recourse against it, as in my case. The multiple lawyers whom I retained actually defrauded me further by stealing my funds, and doing nothing for me.  LAWYERS  are "officers of courts" (i.e.: courts' agents), and I learned that courts' general practices prevent recourse of fraud victims as against thefts, and plunder, of the richest 1% of the U.S. population, while providing them with countless services, even when they are drug cartels, passing themselves as banks, such as "Wells Fargo Drug Cartel"!

I have learned that American laws have been intentionally made countless, countlessly complicated, and often contradictory to assure that the big guys always win because they can pay the most to lawyers, and they can bribe their ways out of trouble in most situations, under the color of lobbying and other laws. 

Assuming that you are in the 99% crowd, filing a lawsuit after becoming the victim of a real-estate deal is similar to entering a bottomless black-hole, a probable trap, followed by additional losses.

State licensing authorities are even more useless to victims, as in my cases, where every responsible state agency supported, and protected, the fraudsters by multiple means, such as by:  failure, or refusal, to investigate the crime-frauds; concealment, and prevention, of discovery of the crime-frauds; failure to sanction the proven criminals/fraudsters, thus leaving me totally on my own, without legal recourse. (You may be a similar prime target of similar people). 

The best way to protect yourself  in such a hostile environment is to make a clean purchase and AVOID BEING DEFRAUDED at inception of a purchase transaction. 

Sellers' agents' goal is closing deals as quickly as possible at inflated prices, thus making forgery a lucrative temptation, as it happened in my case when major entities forged all documents.

E-signing is one of the latest frauds perpetrated by lobbied legislation, where agents ask you to sign just ONCE on an I-Pad and then forge many more of your signatures on many other pages which you may have never seen! Buyers should avoid E-singing which promotes Robo-Singing (i.e: forgery).

The more FAMOUS a listing company is the more cautious you should be in your interest to purchase their listed realty. Also, the more "well-known" the listing company is, the more I could probably help you avert potential trickery, or fraud in your purchase, so that you don't go down as just another number, in their list of countless victims, as I experienced in 2002, by "First-Team-Real-Estate", and "Fidelity-Title", both of which are court-confessed-forgery-operations (including all their affiliates)!

CAUTION: buying a foreclosed real-estate property is similar to buying a stolen car and could be reversed in a legal action, if the foreclosure had any taint of fraud. Most U.S. foreclosures since 2007 have been replete with frauds and could be labeled stolen property, but they are traded because of the vast network supporting such criminal foreclosures "under color of law". 




"Mainly Buyers Broker":

Brokers who work both for buyers, and for sellers, are in fact always working for sellers and against buyers' interests, because the higher the selling price, the higher their commissions!



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